September 1, 2016
Rent or Buy you pay for the House you Live In

Homeowner or Renter – Which is Best ?

Should I Keep Renting or Buy ? Homeowner or Renter ? Modern times question of upward mobile yuppies.  My oldest daughter has done really well for […]
July 27, 2016
Conventional Loan - Conforming Loan

Mortgage Refinance – Low Interest Rates

Considering a Mortgage Refinance A Mortgage Refinance in today’s world may be a viable option. Perhaps shedding some light on the subject can provide enough information […]
June 17, 2016
Customer Service

McDonalds- Hamburgers-Friendly Customer Service

  Customer Service There are a few attributes for any job that require zero talent and still be an Outstanding Performer or Outstanding Leader.  Two of […]
June 4, 2016
What Determines Interest Rates

Mortgage Interest Rates Questions ?

Interest rates made easy. Is it possible ? One of the questions borrowers ask of me occasionally is what factors determines interest rates? I have a […]