June 23, 2016

Home Ownership – HUD

Home Mortgage – HUD America is still the Greatest Country in the world. ¬†We have our problems no doubt but if our great country is so […]
June 21, 2016

Travel, Homes, Mortgages

RV across America Travel across America! Many People or at least in my circle of influence have held dreams of a non-traditional home on the move. […]
June 8, 2016
Mortgage Application Process

Mortgage Application Process

In the beginning ! When a person begins the mortgage application process if they know what to expect the journey from applicant to homeowner becomes considerably […]
June 4, 2016
What Determines Interest Rates

Mortgage Interest Rates Questions ?

Interest rates made easy. Is it possible ? One of the questions borrowers ask of me occasionally is what factors determines interest rates? I have a […]